Leonardo Gregory Brunnet
Theoretical and Computational Modeling Group and Cellular Structures Laboratory - MTC
Physics Institute - IF
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS
PO Box 15051, 90501-970 Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil
Telephone: 55 (51) 3308-7251
Email: leon at if.ufrgs.br
Gregory Brunnet
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Position (permanent)

Full Professor at Physics Institute, UFRGS since Dec/2015.

Research Interests

Extended dissipative systems, Non-linear Physics, Biological Physics, Neural Networks, Active Matter.

 Teaching activities:

  • Dynamic Systems and Coupled Map Systems
  • Minimal Models of Collective Motion
  • Computational Methods in Physics A
  • Computational Methods in Physics B
  • Computational Methods in Physics C
  • Special Topics in Basic Physics I
  • Special Topics in Basic Physics II
  • Special Topics in Basic Physics III
  • Introduction to Dynamical Systems
  • Formation of Spatio-Temporal Structures
  • MTC Group Seminars - Neuron Networks (PG)
  • Computational Modeling of Stochastic Process
  • FIS0182 - Basic Electromagnetism

      Miscelaneous Activities:

  • Debian Mirror
  • Gnu/Linux basic course - Manual (portuguese-pdf-2.1MB)
  • Gnu/Linux para a Comunidade - Manual (portuguese-postscript-620kB)
  • Gnu/Linux para a Comunidade - Manual (html)

    List of recent publications

    Group of Theoretical and Numerical Modelling (MTC)